A simple application for classmates to share and request programs inside our class.

Sole Purpose of this application is to share programs inside our class. You have your own account and can upload programs from your device in TXT format (only .txt files) or you can type your programs in the application itself. Like and Bookmark the post you love. New problems and programs will be uploaded regularly and everyone is requested to upload good programs if they find any. A small sort of code library from for your help.

Please provide your feedback through the app itself. Your feedback will help in CodeHub’s progress.

Key Features:

1) You can post any code you like. 2) You can hit like, for the codes you like. 3) Most importantly, you can bookmark the specific code you feel important for you.

In short, it’s like facebook, where you are free to post, but only codes and nothing else. (Facebook for coders though :P) This app, designed for individuals, designed for you, where you can learn and post new codes or old codes in your own (different) logic.

–Thank You

Download URL –


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