Technocruise Kolkata 2017

Finally, the wait is over. Technocruise Kolkata 2017 will be on 18-19th February 2017 at University of Engineering and Management, Kolkata.

Technocruise is the pre-festival zonal event and National Prelims of Techkriti, IIT Kanpur. This time Technocruise will be held in 20 different cities. Among them, only 7 are Prelims Centers. Rest of them are Zonal Centers. Luckily we all belong to the city which is a Prelim Center. National level workshops and prelims of some events of Techkriti will be held in UEM during Technocruise’17.
The workshops to be held during Technocruise’17 are:
1) Ethical Hacking (Rs 300 per student) (8-hour workshop)
2) Android App Development ( Rs 300 per student) (8-hour workshop)
3) Sixth Sense (It’s a part of Robotics) ( Rs 300 per student) (8-hour workshop)
4) Internet of Things ( Rs 300 per student) (8-hour workshop)
5) Flying Wing ( Rs 1500 per student) (16-hour workshop)
Participants of Flying wing cannot take part in any other workshop as it will be a continuous workshop of two days.
Ethical Hacking, Robotics, and Flying Wing will be held on 18th February. ( You can attend any one workshop)
Android, IOT and Flying Wing(Day 1 continued) will be held on 19th February( You can attend any one workshop)
In a total one participant can attend two workshops in two different days.

The events to be conducted during Technocruise’17 are:

1) IARC (International Autonomous Robotics Challenge)
2) Manoeuvre ( Manual Robotics Event )
3) Rule The Sky ( Air Event )
4) SocCon ( Presentation Event )

*Register at* . Payments are to be made online.

Like the facebook page of Technocruise Kolkata.

Message your queries here.

The winners of the events will be allowed to participate in the second round of the respective event directly during Techkriti’17.

Come on, come all join the legacy of Asia’s biggest Tech Entrepreneurial festival and get rewarded.

Last Date of Registration extended till 15th February 2017




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