Techkriti 2017 Online Registration

🔲 Techkriti 2017 Online Registration 🔲

▪Go to your Facebook Profile & copy your profile link

▪Here is the link of Techkriti 2017
Open this link 👆


▪There is all the details about Workshop, Events, Venue & Date. Read properly.

▪Go to the Register option & then Sign Up

▪Give your details and then submit

▪Your ID is ready. Check your Email & you will get a confirmation link. By clicking it, u will be able to register in the Events or Workshops.

▪ Go to your Techkriti profile & take part in the events or workshops which you prefer.

▪ Pay the amount.
(The events are totally free of cost & 300/- for each workshop)

▪ Make Sure that u have successfully registered & paid.

Take a screenshot & send it to the respective volunteers.


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